The Tamad Girl's Guide To Hot Sex

The sex positions to do and other practical tips!
PHOTO: Emmet Malmstrom

1. Wear lingerie.

It’ll make you feel extra sexy just being in bed, waiting for your partner to take control. It’ll make him really horny too, so he wouldn’t mind doing all the work—he might even want to!

Dressing for the occasion will always make it seem like you put some effort into your looks. It gives a good impression of you as well, since it shows that you’ve thought about the event and prepared accordingly. (Yes, this goes beyond the bedroom too, ladies!)

2. Have everything you’ll need near you.

Condom? Lube? Whatever BDSM stuff you have? Sex toys? Check, check, check, and check. Having them within your reach keeps you and your partner’s arousal high. Fumbling around isn’t sexy to everybody, and looking for the condom or the lube—breaking the momentum started by that make-out sesh—is bound to wane that horniness.

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3. You can be tipsy or a little bit drunk.

Tipsy/drunk consensual sex is pretty hot. It adds to an out-of-body or out of this world experience that’ll make touching and humping all the more pleasurable. (Of course, if you’d rather you and your partner be sober, that’s perfectly okay too.)

4. Play some music.

Pretty cliché, but hey, music gets people ON. Play the songs with that slow, steady beat for that slow, passionate bump and grind.

If you don’t have songs in mind, here’s Jeff Buckley’s “Everybody Here Wants You” for starters.

And for something a little bit steamier:

5. Dim the lights.

Or light some candles before turning out the fluorescents. You’ll tease each other by letting light and shadow play with your features, and you’ll amp up your moods by stimulating your other senses thanks to the dark.

6. Let him undress you.

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Because the tamad girl in you does not want to shimmy out of her skin-tight jeans—which can be awkward and un-sexy. So, yes, your partner has to be the one to pull them off your ankles while you lie there watching him with hungry eyes.

7. Do some kinky stuff if it’s your thing.

You two can watch porn in bed and pet yourselves, if you wish. Or you can role play—be the idle, lounging queen that you are and have your partner do his best to win you over in bed. Whatever floats your boat that involves you staying wrapped up in the sheets, really.

8. Give him that BJ sideways.

If you feel like giving him head, why not? Instead of having him lie on his back and you having to prop yourself with your arms, tell him to lie on his side so you can do the same while pleasing him.

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9. Use lube.

You only need to put a little bit of lube on him and to flick your wrist in a sluggish pace, and you’ll give him one hell of a hand job. Just make sure your grip is firm. More importantly, put water-based lube over the condom he’s wearing—you don’t want the condom slipping off and getting lost inside you later on.

Similarly for sex, the lube will make it slippery-good for you without the need for any vigorous grinding. So yay!

10. Get on these sex positions.

Doggy style where you lie on your belly, pelvis slightly raised by a pillow—aka planking. Spooning position. Missionary. The Magic Bullet, where you’re lying on your back with your legs raised to a 90-degree angle and resting on his shoulders. All these are bound to hit the spot and have you clenching the sheets and rolling your eyes.

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11. Talk dirty.

You can take part in this or just tell him to whisper naughty things in your ear. Nothing gives a boost of stimulation like knowing how sexy you are to your partner and how much he wants you. Which is to say that this can help make you reach the big O.

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