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Gifts To Give Boys, For Every Occasion

Extremely helpful if you're clueless AF.

On his birthday

What to get him: Shoes

Most men are suckers for a pair of killer kicks. If you want to surprise him, you can base your choice on his current arsenal of footwear. He could be a sneaker-head, a collector of dapper leather shoes, or he might prefer rocking the urban soldier look with modern combat boots. Nike or Adidas? Timberland or Dr. Martens? The best way to ensure a great choice and fit: just ask him his size and which model he’s been digging. It will save you the time and effort of having to exchange them should anything go wrong.   


What to get him: A video game console

If you want to be his personal Santa Clause, bestowing him the blessing of a brand new console to spend endless nights with will earn you the title of “BEST-EST GIRLFRIEND EVER!” Joke's on him, because at least now you’ll know where he is at all times–at home, in his room, losing sleep to NBA 2K15. Joke's on you, however, because you can bid farewell to sweet date nights.  

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What to get him: Roundtrip tickets

The significance of an anniversary means your relationship has stood the test of time...for a year, at least. And here, an experience present rather than a material one could elevate your milestone’s celebration. There has got to be a dream destination he’s always wanted to travel to. Be it the lush islands of Palawan, a food trip through the bustling streets of Hong Kong, or relaxing in the pristine beaches of Phuket, going hand-in-hand on a journey to an exotic location is like having a mini-honeymoon. And since you booked the tickets, he can deal with the lodging and everything else once you get there.   

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After his graduation

What to get him: A sharp blazer, nice chino pants, or a crisp white polo

Some guys have a hard time buying clothes for themselves, an aftereffect of their once doting mothers. And if your boyfriend is graduating from college, arming him with the right ensemble to tackle the working world will boost his ego and confidence.

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Valentine’s Day

What to get him: Sexy lingerie for yourself

Men don’t really expect gifts on this holiday because the day of hearts is mostly about paying extra attention to the women. But should you decide that you want to prepare something special for him on this occasion, why not turn up the bedroom heat by purchasing a piece of lacy lingerie. Hey, you get a decent pair of undies out of it, too!

On your wedding day

What to get him: A timeless timepiece

It’s custom to give your husband-to-be a token of your love before exchanging vows. To amp up his groom swagger, pick out a classic watch that will look good with his suit or barong. Your secret agenda: after you’re married, he’ll never have a reason to be late ever again.   

Father’s Day

What to get him: A steak dinner

Whether the father in question is your husband or your biological papa, please throw away the idea that a tie or a pair of socks will put a smile on his face. He has a lot of those already. So instead, make a reservation at your local steakhouse and treat him to some beer, mash potatoes, and a huge ass T-bone steak. Guaranteed, he’ll be rubbing his belly and raving about it post-meal.

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