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To The Girl Who Is Afraid To Love Again

You will be okay. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But you will be, eventually.

Dear Cosmo girl,

The morning after a breakup is always the hardest. The moment you open your eyes, everything comes flashing back to you: what happened, how it happened, and most importantly, why it happened.

You begin to question things and wonder why things had to happen that way. You doubt everything—were you not enough to be truly loved by a man who you gave everything to? Where did you go wrong? What did he want that you couldn’t give? You ask yourself a million questions, but you know the answers perfectly well. You're just too scared to admit it yourself.

You know very well that you did nothing but make your relationship the best that it could be. You were never insensitive, never selfish, never controlling. In your head everything was perfect.

But then he breaks you. It could be because of anything—he found another woman, he thought you were too boring, he realized he didn’t know himself anymore, and other pathetic bullshit excuses men like to say. Thing is, however, whatever sad and sorry excuse he gives, it has the power to break you completely.

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Let yourself be broken. Let yourself cry and feel the pain until such a time that you realize that your broken heart no longer has power over you.

Allow yourself to be angry, but never at yourself, especially if you know that you never did anything wrong. It’s okay to feel beaten and broken. We all go through it.

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Don’t let fear take over your life. More importantly, don’t let fear stop you from falling in love again. It will seem impossible at first, but remind yourself that the world is not completely awful. Not every guy you will meet after your failed relationship will turn out to be an asshole. Not everyone is out to break your heart all over again. One day, you will meet that one person who will take away your fears and worries and remind you that life is good and that you are okay.

You will be okay. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow. But you will be, eventually.

Until then, go out there and experience everything that the world has to offer. Just do you.

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