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To The Girl Who's Still In Love With My Boyfriend

You need to back off.

I want to tell you to get over the fact that you're in the friend zone and have always been there, but that would be harsh. I don't think anyone in love can stand to hear that, what more comprehend it. Neither do I think it's effective in making that lovestruck person, in this case you, back off. Yup, I know you have feelings for Miko. It's obvious in the way you look at him—so full of longing—and how you eye us from afar—so full of envy.

How you pretend to be friends with me in front of him and how you snub me when he's not around. Didn't you think I'd figure it out?

You and Miko have known each other longer than he and I have, and you guys must have told each other a lot of things, spent some time together (which is normal for two friends), and had fun at barkada outings or parties. You guys have some things in common like being outgoing, smart, and good in math—hell, you guys had the same course! On the other hand, I'm still smart but I suck at math and am more of an indoorsy person.

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You might not get how he could've chosen me over you. Not that there's anything wrong with me, but to you it might seem that you're the better option, with the things you have in common with him, your friendship, and with your modelesque looks. Truth be told, back when I felt insecure and threatened by you since I'm pretty average, I thought the same thing. But I realized, which I hope speaks to you sooner or later, that love goes beyond appearances and common interests.

You guys might be a good fit regardless, but he fell in love with me and really just picked me to be his girl and he doesn't regret it. In fact, I dare say he's too happy with me to even think about being with anyone else.

If you're a good friend, you'd be happy for him. Miko has definitely been a good friend to you when he's defended you against my little insults in the past and told me more about you, which somehow made me want to be a friend to you, or be kind to you at the very least. I guess what I'm trying to say is that he cares about you and will always care about you because you guys are good friends. You won't lose him like I might, should he and I break up.

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This isn't to say that your case is better than mine—it's not, LOL. Seriously though, I think Miko wishes you the best because you've been through heartbreak after heartbreak thanks to guys who couldn't take you seriously or like you enough to make you fall in love with them. And to spare yourself more pain, I do wish you find that guy who'll sweep you off your feet—or that he'll find you the same way Miko found me.

In the meantime, stop doing anything stupid. I can see you.