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To The Girl Who Tried To Hook Up With My Boyfriend

'I’m sure you remember that night because you met me, and your chances with R were thrown out the window.'
PHOTO: Alexa Miller

I’m sure you remember that night in September. You had high hopes of getting together with R on an important night in his life: his band’s first music video launch. I remember that, too.

You and R had history—you guys had three dates—and you became good friends when you guys didn’t end up being a couple. 

But here’s the thing. He told you four years ago that he was seeing me. Didn’t it occur to you that R could still be seeing the same girl and be happily settled? It takes a lazy or irresponsible person to not do her research on a guy she’s interested in. And it takes a vile snake to know a guy is taken and not give a fuck. 

Don’t think I’m overstepping my boundaries or that I’m getting ahead of myself by believing you tried to rekindle whatever it is you and R had back then. Because you did, and you know it. 

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Two months ago, you and your two friends planned to set R up with you in a bar. They left you and my boyfriend together to have some alone time. Hell, later on when they got back, one of your friends had the nerve to glare at me, the GIRLFRIEND, after she alienated me in front of all of you and my boyfriend. I’m sure you remember what she did: She wanted to buy four shots of tequila—“Four shots?!” she shouted as she stood beside me, like I didn’t exist but also hoping to take a jab at me. You should have seen the look on your face when you signaled her to abort the mission. 

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You made me feel humiliated. I felt like you and your friends just stripped me off my dignity by treating me like I was wrong to be with my boyfriend on his big night. How I wanted to tackle you and your friends then and there to stand up for myself. But I stayed silent.

I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for what happened and what you had planned, even if you were sorry. 

The wiser part of me is thankful for the night you attempted to hook up with R. That’s because I witnessed my boyfriend stand up for me in front of you and your posse. He had my back and called you and your friends’ bullshit. More than that, R and I have each other’s hearts—and you saw that what we have is real. In private, he told me he knows I’m The One.

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I’m sure you remember that night because you met me, and your chances with R were thrown out the window. That’s actually why he introduced me to you: So you know I exist, and I’m here to stay.

I’m not just a phantom of a girlfriend that’s preventing you guys from getting together. I’m more than that. I’m the real deal. Call it closure so you can move on and flirt with some other guy.