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Vaginal Procedures Pinays Secretly Get Done

Here are your options.
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While we commend those who can bare it all without a care in the world, the sad truth is that most women are riddled with insecurity—we’ve got society’s unrealistic standards to thank for that. Confidence doesn’t come easy for everyone, so if you need a little ~*extra*~ to make you feel beautiful in bed and proud of your body, we’re not judging.

Ahead are just some examples of the common procedures women have gotten to feel good about their bodies, specifically their vaginas:

1. Laser hair removal

If you’re the type to keep it au naturel, go ahead. If, however, you prefer to go hairless, I highly recommend investing in permanent laser hair removal. It saves you from ingrown hair, allergic reactions, and razor cuts. A word of advice, though: Start early! Just like the hair on your head, your hair down there also turns white—and that’s there forever.

2. Refine, re-color, and re-texturize

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If you’ve ever wondered why your genital area is darker than the rest of your body, let me assure you that that is normal. This is the case for everyone. The darkening of that area is because of hormones that are triggered during puberty. If you want to lighten your vagina, proceed with caution; the color can thicken, and you can experience post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, friction from tight underwear, pregnancy, oral contraceptive pills, and even actual diseases like diabetes.

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That said, you can try doing a very light chemical peel, and apply topical products like tranexamic acide, vitamin C, and licorice extracts. Another option is a LASEMD treatment, which is a thulium fractional laser that comes with a freshly prepared, preservative-free whitening serum; it also makes whatever topical product you are applying penetrate more into your skin.

The Spectra peel is another option for brightening the groin area especially for people with very sensitive skin. Spectra is a Q-Switched Nd-YAG laser designed for pigmentation removal. Performed in low energy and non-ablative settings, it can gently lighten the groin. At Skin Inc. Dermatology, we use these procedures a lot of pigmentation, scars, stretch marks, and pores. These are great when it comes to refining skin, leaving it softer and brighter. The key, however, is commitment, patience, and diligence, as long-term treatments are necessary.  

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3. Re-plump

Due to gravity, aging, childbirth, and genetics, your vagina will eventually lose its shape and form.  The labia—your lips down there—can sag. Doctors plump things up by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero) and sometimes, even fat into the labia majora. Yes, fat is good, and should not be put to waste.  You can also try a G-spot procedure.  

4. Vaginoplasty + Labiaplasty

If you don't do your Kegel exercises religiously, there can be consequences.  Pregnancy and normal childbirth can enlarge the vaginal wall and loosen it.  Moreover, the muscles that keep it tight and toned can also become lax, which can lead to involuntary urinary incontinence. A loose vagina can lead to less sexual pleasure for both you and your partner.

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that tightens your vagina—perfect for mothers who’ve just given birth. You can do this surgically or using a laser. You can also opt to have a labiaplasty; a surgeon actually changes the shape of your labia minor and major.

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