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14 Virgins Explain Why They've Never Had Sex

"My sexuality is not a huge part of my identity."
PHOTO: Nick Onken

From the moment we figure out what sex is, there is a ton of pressure piled on us to 'lose our virginity.' It's absolute madness, and most people end up having sex for the first time before understanding consent, or how to be safe. Here, 14 people of different ages who've never had sex explain why.

1. Afraid of physical contact and commitment. My fear of physical contact is greater than my desire of having sex - Male, 21.

2. I just don't care about sex. I've never felt a need to do it. I'll do it when it feels right I guess. I'm not concerned about when, but it does matter to me with who. Also my sexuality is not a huge part of my identity or a priority if that makes sense. It just doesn't take up a big/significant part of my life, as it seems to take up in other people's lives - Female, 23.


3. I'd rather do well at my job and improve myself. I figure the right one would appreciate that more than how much I've played the game - Male, 24.

4. Just haven't met the right person yet - 22.

5. I've been single since high school and I don't want to lose my virginity with a guy I have no feelings for - Female, 21.

6. Haven't had any girlfriends since high school and those never went all the way. I'm not very outgoing and find it hard to be attracted to anybody I haven't known for a while and by then we're friends and I don't want to ruin it - Male, 25.

7. Religious. Not really a priority at this point. Happy to wait until marriage - 21.

8. I'm choosing to wait till marriage. The intensity of my desire for sex can be a pain but I'm a big girl and I'm happy with my choices - Female.

9. Sex doesn't interest me. Full stop. Maybe that will change later on in life (though somehow I doubt it), but for now it just isn't at all something I'd like to do - 18.


10. There have been a bunch of times in my life where I became very close with women, where it seemed like there was mutual attraction, but it reads like a series of unfortunate events. Years and years of that kind of "bad luck," as well as just being an introvert who doesn't particularly like a lot of the things people do to meet new people, means I've basically given up - Male, 26.

11. I honestly don't care enough to settle on anyone. I don't think casual sex is immoral but for some reason I have no interest in one night stands or short term flings to just lose my virginity. I'm waiting to find someone I care about and I just haven't yet - Via Reddit.

12. Never really had a proper boyfriend through college or uni. Messed about with a guy for a bit but never went all the way with him. That was 7 years ago now I'm too scared to admit it or meet a guy and tell him that I'm a virgin incase of rejection - Female, 22.


13. l'm an introverted person, and l just never got close enough to a girl/had a relationship for anything to happen, simple as that - Male, 23.

14. I have a bunch of reasons, but my three biggest are; I haven't been in a serious relationship yet, casual sex just isn't my cup of tea, and if my libido were any lower I'd be a panda - Male, 19.


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