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We Work With Hot Men! Here's What We've Learned

'Those who rely heavily on good looks will have the biggest insecurities; those who have character are the more confident ones.'

"Don't overanalyze hot guys. Chill and have fun."
Ara Fernando, Cosmo Men Makeup Artist

Ara's job is very hands-on, literally: She pats powder on parts that need a little…blotting, and runs her fingers through the guys' hair.

Challenges of the job: "Some good-looking guys have egos to match their perfection. But I've learned not to give them any special treatment. If you treat them like kings, they'll abuse it. True story."

What she's learned: "Men are not complicated! We just make them so in our pretty little heads. They're actually simple and straightforward."

What you need to know: "These guys do value looks—hello, they've worked hard for their bods! But the girl who knows how to have fun and can hold her end of the conversation? That girl's winning."

Her hunk-handling tips:

- Always be yourself. It may be nakaka-pressure being around a hot guy, but let go of the mind games and just have fun.

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- Don't put hot guys on a pedestal or baby them. You're not a fan, their mother, or their yaya. You are a hot one yourself; never forget that.

- Stop overthinking or overanalyzing. More often than not, what they say = what they mean. 

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"Once you see past their exterior, hot men aren't really that different from other men."

Eughie Teng, Managing Director of Elite Model Management Manila

Hard work: As owner and chief booker of Elite Models, Eughie employs the best looking male models in the world. She connects them with clients and manages the schedules of her gang of models, some flown in from Europe and the U.S.

Challenges of the job: "Coming from I.T. and finance, working with hot men was something I wasn't used to. When I choose models, I ask myself one thing: Can they make my heart skip a beat? You have to fall in love with what you see for you to have the confidence to book them. But after they sign up with me, the chase is over."

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What she's learned: "Those who rely heavily on good looks will have the biggest insecurities; those who have character are the more confident ones."

What you need to know: "A lot of them actually have very conservative views on what their ideal girl should be. I had a male model who was the proverbial 'bad boy'—he had tattoos and a body to die for. I placed him in the category of 'chick boy.' As I got to know him more, I noticed he never went out, was just always at the gym, and slept at 10 p.m.! What he said was a refreshing change: 'I have a girl back home waiting for me, [so] I don't go out looking for temptation.' I know it's old news, but the girl they like to play with will normally not be the girl they take home to their parents."

Her hunk-handling tips:

- Treat them as people without taking their looks into consideration. This'll help make your interactions with hot guys clear.

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- If you want their respect, respect yourself first.

- Men are logic-driven. Ask them what they think, not what they feel.

"It's like taking care of 23 boyfriends!"

—Kat Liscano, Executive Liaison Officer for Global Football Club 

Hard work: As the point person for the entire team, it's up to Kat to make sure the players of Global FC, a soccer team that includes players from the Philippine Azkals, among other up-and-coming sport superstars, get what they need, which includes anything from their salaries to quality time with their GFs. It also involves assuring the boys they're guwapo, and getting kisses and tight hugs from the affectionate bunch. As "one of the boys," she's welcome inside the locker room—which means she's seen them in their naked glory. (Yikes/Yay).

Challenges of the job: "Balancing! I have to be professional but at the same time I don't want to be boring. I have to look decent but not stiff. I have to show my authority but they have to know they can talk to me about life's randomness. I also have a 100 percent No Dating rule. These boys aren't just my workmates, they're my work!"

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What she's learned: "Hot men are just like regular guys. They're opinionated, open-minded, and upfront, and they worry even more about their looks. They feel like they need to be at their best all the time."

What you need to know: "Smart women top their list. Most of my boys compare notes about how they get turned on by women who can hold their own—these boys are alpha males. When you're strong, aggressive, and can speak out, they actually like it!"

Her hunk-handling tips:

- Some hot men are attention-seekers. You don't have to feed their ego, but acknowledge it when they're showing off, then brush it off and move on."

- Not all hot guys are created equal. Treat each one differently. Some are shy, some are aggressive. It's a matter of really getting to know each one.

- They're insecure. From time to time they do need a sincere ego boost.

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This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, September 2014. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors