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What He Secretly Wants In Bed

While men pride themselves on being animals under the sheets, sometimes they just want let you work it. Real guys dish the take-charge moves that make their heads spin.

whathesecretlywantsinbed_main.jpgMen really get off on bringing you ultimate bliss. Then again, sometimes they just want to lie back, enjoy, and have you take care of everything for them. �But they think that if they come right out and ask you to focus just on their pleasure, they�ll seem selfish,� sex therapist Carole Altman, PhD, author of Sex Talk points out. test

  • â��This one girl I dated loved getting me off orally. Not only would she make moaning sounds while she was doing it, but sheâ��d also look up at me to watch my reactions. If I even tried to reciprocate, sheâ��d push me away until I was done. I loved that my satisfaction was so important to her.â�� - Pete, 35
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  • â��My ex-girlfriend was a morning person and always wanted to get it on in the AM. But I could never summon enough energy that early. So she used to rub against me until I got hard, slip a condom on me, straddle my hips, and get down to business. All I had to do was lie there.â�� - Carl, 26
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  • â��Donâ��t get me wrong, I love making a woman come. But if Iâ��m tired, I might not want to start something I know I wonâ��t be able to finish. This one girl would take care of me when she knew Iâ��d had a long day. Sheâ��d say, â��Donâ��t worry about making me come tonight.â�� Then sheâ��d get on top of me and move really quickly, so Iâ��d get off in about five minutes. It was such a stress relief!â�� - Alex, 32
  • â��Itâ��s so great when a chick gives you an out-of-the-blue hand job. Usually, I only get it as part of foreplay. So when a woman just leans over and gets to work while weâ��re watching TV and it doesnâ��t lead to anything elseâ�¦man, itâ��s so hot. And Iâ��m always willing to return the favor at another point.â�� - Sherwin, 28
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