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What If He Dashes Out After The Deed?

Cosmo gives you some nooky know-how for dealing with this embarrassing sitch.
Sex Question: “What Do I Do If I Mess Around With A Guy Then He Speeds Out Of My Place At 5AM?”

He’s probably not going to own up to feeling awkward or regretting having sex with you, but that’s most likely his impetus for leaving, says Josey Vogels, author of Bedside Manners: Sex Etiquette Made Easy. So be wary of excuses that don’t quite add up. If he feeds you a line as he’s dashing off about having to catch up at work, even though it’s before sunrise on Sunday morning, or claims he’s pet-sitting for his cousin’s dog and has to take it for a walk, you’ll probably never lay eyes on the dude again. If he does call, however, he’s most likely just in it for the sex, says Vogels, so you’ll have to decide if you want to keep him around as a boink buddy or just give him the boot.

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