What Message Would You Like to Give To Your Ex?

'You made me who I am today.'

If you had the chance to talk to your ex or write him a letter, what would you tell him? Would you apologize for the things that happened between you two in the past, or would you thank him for the person that you are now? Here, some of Femalenetwork.com's GIRLTalkers share what they'd say to their former love. 

1. "I hope you're happy like me."

Dearest Ex,

I just want you to know that I wish you well. I hope you're happy like me. After our last talk, I can still feel that you're still hurting even if it [has been] more than three years since we broke up. I know that it is very hard to move on, but please try. I thought you were okay because I heard so many things about you; one of them is that you have so many girlfriends now.

Please don't pretend to be okay, and don't use girls just to save your pride and ego. Stop it. I'm still hoping for your happiness. I'm happy now, so please be well. GIRLTalker ghilaine  

2. "I have already forgiven you.

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I know that you're happy with your life right nowwith the choice you made a year ago. I could sense you've moved on completely. I know you love her so much and I wish both of you well. I have already forgiven you. As for me, I am still trying to find my own happiness. Thanks for all the support and love you've given meand most especially the best memories that we had together. GIRLTalker mimiku

3. "Hindi pa rin ako maka-let go."

I wish I can let you go...I wish it were easy. Kahit na hindi ako nanggugulo sa inyo ngayon. Hindi pa rin ako maka-let go. Araw-araw, habang tumatagal, nasasaktan pa rin ako. Bakit ganon. Ang bilis mo makalimot. Ang bilis mo akong naipagpalit. Ang bilis mo akong binalewala. Bakit mahal pa rin kita in spite of everything you did to me... GIRLTalker angeleigh  

4. "Maybe it’s not really meant to be."

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Dear (other) ex,

Sana no hard feelings. Madami na rin naman tayo napagdaanan. I can't say you've been totally honest with me pero that is you. It's been so long and I hope you've already forgiven me for the mistakes that I have done, for the things I have said. Maybe it's not really meant to be. We had our second chance but I guess we can't really be. It can't really be. I already forgave you for the things you've said, I know you said those things because of anger. But that is our past, and I have already moved on.

After all the pain and suffering I have been through, I am so lucky that I already found my happiness and I wish you will find yours too. GIRLTalker ysa.belle  

5. "Hey, I saw you kanina."

Hey, I saw you kanina. It made me smile. You saw me driving your dream car, haha. And you're the one who taught me how to drive. It's nice that you smiled and sobrang kaway pa. It made my day. At least magaan na sa loob ko na makita ka. No hard feelings. Ingat ka palagi. GIRLTalker sweetsorrow  

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6. "May life treat you well."

Though your role in my life changed, I still have you to thank because you made me who am I today.

I don't hold any grudges. Know that I have long ago forgiven you and myself and just because we did not end up together doesn't mean we have to burn bridges. I will still be here for you, as a friend for I believe that I still know you better than anyone else. I only wish for the 
best things to come your way. Go and be happy with the life you choose now and may life treat you well. GIRLTalker BDV 

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