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When Your Guy Checks Other Girls Out

Did you catch your man eyeing another chick? Does it mean he's looking for someone else? Find out!

A hot chick walks by, and your boyfriend's eyeballs make a beeline for her booty. Blame it on biology. Men are hardwired to look. And it’s not just your guy who goes buggy over some random beauty, it's all guys, so your only real choice is to accept it.

But ease your mind with this:
Just because he looks, it doesn't mean he wants to touch. "There's an element of detachment when a man is checking out an anonymous woman," says clinical psychologist Deirdre Kanakis, PhD, relationship coach at Marriage for Keeps, in Newport Beach, California. "He sees a nice butt, but that's all it is, an appealing body part. He's not trying to make an emotional connection—it's purely a visual response."

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