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Why You Just Aren't In The Mood For Sex

Don't feel bad about not really wanting to get it on. Our columnist tells us why.

Admit it, ladies. Even you, Cosmo femme fatales, have those days when you don't feel any sexual urge, right? Yes, there are days (lots of them) when you often think about sex or fantasize about it happening at that very moment. But, when the opportunity finally arrives an hour later, upon seeing your man--POOF!--the urge disappears. Sounds familiar?

If last week we revealed why he just isn't in the mood, well, this week, let's hear it for the girls! It's about time women take some flack for their lack of sexual interest every now and then. How in the world could we possibly want to turn away from sex or from intimately connecting with our partners? Let's try to understand the logic behind it. Aside from reasons similar to those of men, you just might be surprised what other mood killers are there...for you.

No Money, No Honey

These days, truth be told, not every woman wishes for a man to rescue her. But she sure wants a man to act like one. A strong woman desires a man who knows his worth and takes the lead in the relationship without compromising the identity of his partner. So, when a man starts to slack off and just doesn't thrive as an individual, no matter what a sweetheart he is, women lose interest. And, it becomes evident in the bedroom. Besides, how can a man take charge in between the sheets if he can't even take charge of his own life?

Now, Swallow This!

It is crucial to keep yourself protected when you engage in any sexual activity. So taking the pill is one way to prevent unwanted pregnancy--but NOT STDs! Usually, the only concern women have when taking the pill is weight gain. Little did you know that one of the side effects of taking a birth control pill is losing sexual interest. Basically, the pill can lower estrogen levels, which can, in turn, deplete one's libido, for some reason.

Fiber + Whitening = No Sex

What do fiber and whitening products have in common? Papain, a.k.a., papaya! Whether you're ingesting papaya as a fruit treat or taking papain enzyme as a food supplement (either to regulate your digestive system or to whiten your skin), it can actually decrease your libido. Those who practice celibacy are said to have included papaya in their daily diet to help control their urges. Who knew?

So, next time you just feel down and out in the sexual department, before you start to doubt yourself, look up this checklist and find some answers.

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