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Why Sex Against The Wall Is The Naughtiest Position

It just screams "gotta have your body now," and yields that erotic thrill you both crave. Read our primer for tips.

Obviously, there are plenty of amazing sex positions to choose from, and we've brought you our fair share of them. But, there's one in particular that rises above the rest on the steaminess meter: getting busy against a wall. Isn't it just so convenient for a quickie?

The basic primal nature of having sex against a wall is the reason it's unbelievably torrid. "When you're so aroused that you just can't wait another second, this is an immediate solution for expressing that intensity," says Lori Buckley, PhD, sex therapist in California. "The fact that your guy is pressing you into the wall lends it an urgent, almost aggressive feel." But while this position couldn't be hotter, it's not the smoothest to put into action. Therefore, it helps to have a primer.

Maximize What Makes It So Scorching

The sense of urgency in wall sex is one of its lustiest selling points. Amplify that by leaving on some of your clothes, suggests Buckley. Begin ripping off each other's attire as soon as you walk through the door, yet don't take everything off—for example, you can have him pull down your underwear, but keep your skirt on or unbutton his shirt without stripping it off.

Also, adding to the appeal is that you're being dominated. "Some guys love to feel powerful, and since he has you pinned against the wall, he's in complete control of the pace and depth of his thrusting," explains Sari Locker, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot'’s Guide To Amazing Sex. With your man right in front of you and the wall buffering your back, your movement is restricted. You'll experience a sensation of vulnerability and confinement, which can turn out to be a huge turn-on.

Another hot bonus is the superb clitoral stimulation the position provides, according to Buckley. Your pelvis is slightly lower than his, putting your hot spot directly in line with his pubic bone. When he's deep inside of you, gently rub your C-spot against him. At the same time, tighten your thighs—it'll narrow your vaginal canal, creating pleasurable friction.

Master The Position

Stand about a foot away from the wall, and lean your back against it. Your man should stand facing you, so close that you're almost touching. Straddle his legs, have him bend his knees slightly, and slide your back down the wall to lower yourself onto him. As he slips his hands under your butt, wrap your legs around his waist. For balance, circle your arms around his neck or back, or hold on to his arms. Firmly press your back against the wall for leverage while he straightens himself up.

Because you have limited mobility, he'll be doing the thrusting, rocking your pelvis back and forth with his hands in tandem with his movements. When you're finished or want to try a new position, make the transition seamless by having him squat down until your feet reach the floor.

Special Challenges

Since the position requires considerable strength on his part, you probably can't sustain it for very long. If there's not too much of a height difference between you, nix fatigue by remaining standing, rather than having him lift you. Hook one of your legs over his inner elbow, keeping the other on the floor for balance.

You might also worry that he's doing most of the work. "Stressing about whether he's running out of steam or you're too heavy can interfere with your enjoyment," says Buckley. Keep in mind: He's so excited to try this sizzling style that he's probably just thinking how sexy it all is.

If you do want to get more involved, here's a fix: Have him pull you a couple inches away from the wall, until only your shoulders rest on it. Then, begin slowly circling your hips in either direction. It is a great sensation and also gives you some control.

Try A Sexy Variation

A doggie-style spin feels super-naughty, plus it's easier than the regular move. Stand an arm's length away from the wall, facing it, with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Bend over so your torso is at a right angle to the wall, parallel with the floor. Place your palms against the wall, and let him enter you from behind. (To make up for a minor height discrepancy, stand on your tiptoes or have him bend his knees until he's level with your vagina.) Push your hands against the wall in time with his thrusts or reach down and stimulate yourself.

You can also regulate how far he penetrates you. If you're craving intensity, bend farther toward the floor. "He'll be able to enter you very deeply, and you'll feel increased pressure," says Locker. For shallower penetration, straighten up slightly. "Each angle grips the penis differently, providing new sensations for both of you," explains Locker. You can also stand straight up and press your entire body into the wall.

For this next hot twist, place a bar stool against the wall, perch on the edge of it, and lean back to rest your shoulders on the wall. Your pelvises will be nearly aligned, so he can slide right into you. For increased friction, wrap your legs around his butt. "The stool allows the two of you to concentrate more on kissing and touching and less on maintaining balance," notes Locker. This extra affection lends the sexiest sex position a very sensual and intimate vibe, too.

5 Hot Things To Do With Your Hands

While he's holding you during wall action, your fingers are free to roam. These moves will max the pleasure.

1. Draw him close. Arch your back, and put one hand behind his neck and pull his face toward your breasts. It shows how bad you're craving him.

2. Apply pressure. Push your nails into his back or gently tug the roots of his hair. A rough touch feels wild and conveys your dire excitement for him.

3. Stroke your breasts. Watching you turn yourself on is a thrilling visual for him.

4. Hold his face. Place your palms flat against his cheeks, and gaze directly into his eyes. This way, you'll be able to see each other's enjoyment.

5. Give a sexy squeeze. Grip your guy's biceps, chest muscles, and shoulders—expressing how much you love his body gives him a confidence boost.