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Why Woman-On-Top Works For Men

You on top? Now that's a position wildly popular with the males. Real guys talk about why they love it when you take control.

“In missionary, I have to work hard at supporting my weight so I don’t crush her, and I don’t enjoy it as much. But when she’s straddling me, I can savor every sensation.” - Ron, 28

“This position shows that she’s self-confident-that’s more arousing than most women understand and makes me want to do everything I can to please her.” - JP, 22

“I feel like a fighter pilot because my hands are free, and everything I could possibly need or want to touch is right in front of me.” - Willy, 27

“I love watching her curves in motion. When she’s on her back, everything flattens out and I don’t get to fully appreciate her body.” - Mike, 26

“It’s usually easier for a girl to orgasm this way. There’s nothing better than watching her climax and then have her collapse on top of me, with her heart pounding.” - Leo, 29

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