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Why Women Fall For Bad Boys

Finally, science puts an end to this age-old question.

Ask 10 women what they look for in a boyfriend, and they'd probably give you something like this: "Gusto ko mabait, mapagmahal, loyal at caring."

But we bet 99.99 percent of these girls are actually going out with someone who doesn't fit that criteria. Instead, they're going out with someone who's cocky, self-centered, and rebellious.

Why? It's simply because men with "extreme pathological personality traits" are supposedly attractiveand that's according to SCIENCE.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona (HCB) and published in Scientific American, identified the personality traits of 1,000 men and women, and then asked them the number of sexual partners they've had.

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They found out that people with unpleasant traits (read: neurotic and impulsive) were found to have more partners and more children over their lifetime. Dr. Fernando Gutiérrez, the lead researcher and a fellow at HCB's Institute of Neuroscience, suggested that girls may be attracted to bad boys because these men are so genetically sound that they can survive their own bad decisions such as binge-drinking, smoking or other "rebellious" acts. "While they are selfish, rule-breaking, imprudent, and rebellious, they are also brave, temerarious, independent, and self-reliant; and they live frantic, galvanizing lives," observed Gutiérrez.

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"This captivates many people," he added.

According to Gutiérrez, the study also showed that "bad" behavior could denote good genes: "This desirability could also have an evolutionary basis: a signal that the subject has such good genetic quality and condition as to live dangerously without suffering harm."

So what does all this mean in the real world? Essentially, if a guy wants to capture a your attention, he'd probably leave his Mr. Nice Guy persona behind and show that he can handle a bit of rough-housing and merry-making.

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