Closure Is Overrated

Here's why you don't need it.
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Most of us have been victims of the love that never was—the almost love that just disappeared. After a series of dates, flirty conversations, and kilig moments, he disappears from your life abruptly. He has left you with complete silence, as if you never knew each other in the first place. 

In my opinion, being left without any warning is as painful as a legit breakup. Uncertainty is painful; not knowing what went wrong and being left in the dark without a clue. You begin to experience self-doubt that eventually eats you up. He left no clues during your past convos that he was about end things, so you find yourself re-reading old messages. You decode every line, ever wordstill, no answer. You start to wonder if he just led you on, or was there even a moment that he was real. Then, with your desire to look for answers, your mind and body ask for closure.

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Newsflash: You don't need closure. You don't need to hear his apology because it may never come. You need to accept that you do not need his sorry for you to move on. He was a coward for leaving without any explanation, so why wait for him to tell his side of the story? 

People like him may have number of reasons for disappearing, and the most common you'll hear is that they fear commitment. But of course, we all know that that excuse is crap. That fear isn't real. The harsh truth is that he is simply not ready to love you. 

Stop analyzing everything, and more importantly, don't blame yourself. It's not your fault that he left. He decided to leave, not you. He chose to ignore and deny you of your right to a proper goodbye. Real closure starts with yourself, and him leaving you is the answer itself. He simply can't be with you. Period. 

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