Your Most Erotic Spots Found!

Men get hot at the drop of a hat, but it takes more to turn us on. Add zing to your sex life by leading your guy to the spots that please you.

While the genitals are the most obvious pleasure points—for both men and women—there are other hot spots on the body. The inner thigh area, the neck, the breasts, and the nipples are particularly sensitive. To help you get in sex goddess mode and to clue in your man on what makes your toes curl, Cosmo’s listed erogenous zones that promise carnal delights.

Neck Ties

Leaving a hickey or kiss mark on your lover’s neck signifies exclusivity. “It’s sort of a primitive way of saying ‘This guy is mine!’ or ‘This girl belongs to me!,' observes relationship expert Lisa Shea in How To Give A Hickey. But a hickey has to be done right—or it’s going to hurt. In fact, a lot of women complain that getting hickies is more pain than pleasure. As such, tell your man that your neck needs tender kisses and that he should pay attention to the areas behind your ears for extra stimulation. Then, tell him to put his mouth on his chosen spot on your neck. “You leave your mouth slightly open in the middle, like you’re saying the letter ‘O,’” instructs Shea. “Then, you suck until that circular area turns bright red. It doesn’t take long, maybe 30 seconds.

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Twin Peaks

Men are fascinated with women’s breasts—so much so that they sometimes get over excited with them. Over-stimulation can be numbing or painful, especially during some parts of the menstrual cycle. Our breasts, which are rich in nerve endings, need tender loving care. According to research published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in May 2006, women are more aroused by breast and nipple stimulation than men. So, tell your man to touch your breast softly, lift his hand away for a moment, and continue.

Areas that are super-sensitive to touch include the nipple and the areola, the area that directly surrounds the nipple. When he’s kissing your breasts, tell him to start from the outside, moving inwards in slow circles. Some women enjoy nibbling and rougher play while others are really sensitive and prefer light, soft touching.

Bonus for chicks with a smaller pair: A woman with smaller breasts may experience increased sensations per touch! This is because the nerve endings on their breasts are condensed. In this case, what have you got to complain about?

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Wrist Watch

Though it’s probably the most unlikely erogenous zone, it turns out that most women get a kick out of having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their lovers. “Try starting foreplay by nuzzling and nibbling on your partner’s wrist. You’d be surprised at how turned on she’ll be,” suggests sex education correspondent David Strovny in Top 10 Tantalizers.

To fast-track seduction, your man can also suck on your fingers. Let him get “creative” with your hands.

Naughty Navel

Men are fascinated with women’s stomach and navel area. “Kissing this area will stimulate a woman’s G-spot,” states relationship expert Michael Webb, author of 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets. Forget being conscious about your tummy and let your man have some fun. If you’re feeling especially playful, get a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream and place it next to your bed. Make your guy place the cream-dipped strawberries on your navel. You’ll feel shivers down your spine as he licks off the cream and nibbles on the strawberries at the same time.

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