A Japanese Company Wants To Sell Ad Space On Women's Armpits

You read that right.
PHOTO: Wakino Ad Company via Instagram/dikketitels

How much do you actually think about your kilikili? For me, I'd say every few weeks or so (if I need to get waxed), but... I think this company is taking things a bit too far. 

According to Adweek, the Wakino Ad Company is turning to armpits as alternative advertising! The brand wants to capitalize on Japan's subway system—they believe that the massive amount of people riding the subway and hanging on to overhead handrails will get brands some serious clout.

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Beauty company Liberta, which happens to be an armpit cream company, is backing Wakino. Seishin Biyo Clinic is teaming up with Wakino as well, for a series of ads promoting its underarm hair removal service.

Well, um, we can't fault them for being on-brand, at least?

Did we mention armpit ad space costs a whopping $90 (P4,779) an hour? Worth it, sana? I guess?

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I think I've been looking at armpits way too much today, tyvm.

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