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What You Need To Know About The Finalists On 'Asia's Next Top Model' Cycle 6

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/dsloz, (CENTER) Instagram/adelamae, (RIGHT) Instagram/miasabathy

The moment of reckoning is almost upon the finalists of Asia's Next Top Model—Adela-Mae Marshall, Dana Slosar, or Mia Sabathy will come home with the title next week! To get you all prepped and ready for the finale, here's what you need to know about all three finalists:

Adela-Mae Marshall

  1. She's British-Filipino, and makes it a point to thank her fans in both English and Filipino.

    In an Instagram post expressing her gratitude for making it into the top three, she wrote in part, "Gusto kong pasalamatan ang lahat ng sumusuporta sa akin sa buong kumpetisyon. Hindi ko naisip na makakatanggap ako ng labis na suporta at nagpapasalamat ako ng marami." and even included an English translation right after:

  2. If she wins the title, it would mean a back-to-back win for the Philippines, after Maureen Wroblewitz won last year.

    How fierce would that be? We even think they sort of look alike, don't you think?

  3. She's been called "not Filipino enough" by netizens, and recently opened up about it.

    She said, "It hurts when they say that I’m not really Pinay enough. At the end of the day, my heart is Filipino. I wouldn’t have chosen to represent the Philippines if I didn’t feel strongly that this is the country that I love, that this is the country I identify with.”

  4. She shares a close friendship with fellow Filipino contestant, Jach Manere.

    They even freestyle-rapped together in this cute video:


Dana Slosar

  1. She is one of three Cycle 6 contestants from Thailand.

    The other two are Lena Saetiao and Pim Bubear, who placed 14th and 5th respectively.
  2. She recently starred in a video for skincare brand, ést.lab.

    Check it out below:

  3. She learned to face her insecurities head-on as an AsNTM contestant.

    In an interview with NCWONG, she explains, "Ignoring your insecurities doesn’t make them go away. At the start of the competition I wanted to seem confident so I tried to not think about some of the insecurities that I had and I always tried to act like they never affected me. Once I acknowledged them, I felt more genuinely confident and could become a better competitor–it’s cheesy but you can definitely turn your weaknesses into strengths."

    You go, Dana!
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Mia Sabathy

  1. She is the only Cycle 6 contestant from Taiwan. 

  2. She is a staunch supporter of adopting animals.

    She even helped collect donations for Paws Bangkok! 

  3. She's pretty close to her family, and even filmed them reacting to one of the AsNTM episodes:

    Check out her hilarious vlog below:
  4. She once vlogged herself singing "Let It Go" in 25 languages.

    All in one take, nonetheless!

We can't wait to see who emerges on top! Catch the finale on October 24 via Fox Life Asia. Good luck, girls!

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