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The Baby-G Got An Update, And We're Loving Its Office-Friendly Look!

Need these!
PHOTO: Casio

If you grew up in the '90s/2000s, then you would know how much of a big deal it was to have your own Baby-G watch. Those candy-colored timepieces pretty much verified your level of ~*coolness*~ back in the day. (Still wishing I had one when I was in grade school, tbh!)

Now, we just found out that our dream timepiece got major upgrades and since we’re all grown up, we can totally get one (or two) for ourselves. Check out these two styles we’re totally eyeing:


If you’re an active woman but can’t get enough of classic colors and styles, this is the perfect watch for you. It comes with a resin strap, so it’s super comfortable on the wrist. It also comes in the prettiest rose gold hardware, so you know you’ll be wearing this all the time. Choose between a light beige and dark brown strap and a light and dark face—whatever you think is cuter.

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Casio MSG-S200G-5A, P11,580


Want something a little more grown up? This stainless steel style is something you’d love. You can pick between silver and rose gold, depending on what suits your style more. This style is a little bit more formal, so these pieces are totally perfect to wear with your office outfits. So profesh-looking!

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MSG-S200D-4A, P14,250

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