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WATCH: How To Properly Wash Your Nipple Covers So You Can Keep Reusing Them

How to properly wash nipple covers
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ICYDK, nipple covers are a *must-have* in every girl's closet. It's the closest thing you can get to going commando when you aren't comfortable ditching your bra and freeing the nipple just yet! Plus, there are a ton of shades to choose from, so you can select one that will go with your skin tone and the color of your top.

Nippiepop's nipple cover

You can also choose from disposable and reusable ones. Of course, we recommend picking the latter because it's a more practical and environment-friendly option. When taken care of, they can last you up to 120 uses! You can lengthen their lifespan and ensure you get your money's worth is by washing them regularly. We found a helpful video from Boob-eez Headlight Hiders that shows the proper way of cleaning them so that their adhesive stays sticky. Check out the steps below:

  1. Place your nipple covers under running lukewarm water to gently remove all the dirt and debris. Use your fingers in doing this step as using a sponge or scrubber will cause the adhesive to pill.

    YouTube/Boob-eez Headlight Hiders
  2. Use a mild face cleanser or bar soap to create a lather that will help clean your nipple covers. Rub your fingers on them using small circular motions. This step is great for removing the smell, sweat, and oil that might have built up from wearing them all day.

    YouTube/Boob-eez Headlight Hiders
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  3. Rinse away the soap using lukewarm water.

    YouTube/Boob-eez Headlight Hiders
  4. Place them in a dust-free location with the adhesives facing up to let them dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. The next time you use them, they'll be good as new and the adhesives will still be sticky!

    YouTube/Boob-eez Headlight Hiders

Watch their full video below:

How To Wash Nipple Covers - SAVE MONEY, RE-USE PASTIES

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