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In Model Bianca Valerio's Bag: Beauty Essentials For Gals On The Go

See what every Cosmo chick should also have in her everyday bag.


You've watched her give Cosmo's Make Over Your Life campaign winner Amie Perez an image-building workshop. (If you haven't yet, well, watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.) Now, here's another way model, host, image consultant, and new fashion and beauty columnist Bianca Valerio will demonstrate some go-getter tips for you: By showing you the contents of her Charles & Keith bag.

Bianca's bag boasts of everything a busy career woman--who cares about her image--should have in her daily bag.

One of them is a business card, which Bianca keeps in a pretty leather card holder. "When you have a business card, it means that 'I am a serious professional,'" she tells Amie.

Another essential? Crackers, pantawid-gutom. "You have two hours to put food in your stomach. If your engine is running on low gas, and it hits the two-hour mark, it hits starvation mode. When that happens, its metabolism slows down, since it means you're going to be starving yourself all day, and it would be harder to burn calories," she explains during the workshop.

The one beauty product she, or any other Cosmo chick, can't do without? Sunscreen. "More than all the beauty products you can ever buy, you should always invest in good sunscreen. Protect your skin, your face," she says. She's also a fan of self-tanning over sunbathing when achieving that much-desired golden tan, which she talks about in her first column for (read it here).

See the other contents of her bag, including the kikay ones, when you launch the gallery by clicking on the button below.

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