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8 Outfit Ideas To Steal From BLACKPINK's Lisa

La la love Lisa’s style!
PHOTO: (INSTAGRAM) lalalisa_m

BLACKPINK’s lead rapper and maknae recently just became the most-followed celebrity in Korea on Instagram, and how could she not? With her awesome talent, oozing swag appeal, and edgy-chic looks, it's easy to see why we're all obsessed with Lisa.

We can’t think of a more perfect girl group idol to stan now, and here we find ourselves closely taking notes on Lisa’s unique style and all the fashion essentials she owns and approves of. Here, a rundown of 8 looks to try inspired by the idol:

  1. Oversized black shirt + where’d my shorts go?

    They say Koreans would rather cover up on top but will hardly care at all about how short their short shorts go. In this case, it’s practically invisible!

    Two ways to wear this look: First is with shorts that disappears underneath your oversized shirt, and another is where you tuck in the front of your shirt into your shorts. Finish the look with a studded belt!

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  2. Pastel-hued hoodie + half-hearted top knot

    A true style chameleon: Lisa often transforms magically from a badass rapper to a cutesy unicorn. We noticed her love for oversized pastel-colored hoodies, which she often matches with quirky accessories and a little top knot.

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  3. Men’s checked polo + white inner shirt

    Borrow from the boys—and do it even better! This Lisa approved-look is an amalgamation of items you can actually steal from every family member: Your dad or brother’s checked polo, your own tank top, and your mom’s vintage jeans. Go try it!

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  4. Girly top to offset your oozing swag appeal

    Outside her spunky, glittery, neon-colored, and made-for-the-stage looks, we love how Lisa is just as stunning in low-key feminine pieces, such as off-shoulder tops and puffed sleeved blouses (a.k.a. items we will find in our own closets!).

    What we’ve noticed, though, is while Lisa keeps everything else rather simple, her beauty look remains ~on fleek~ and it honestly makes all the difference.

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  5. Hats galore!

    A regular in the K-idol starter pack (if there ever were, lol!) are beanies, bucket hats, caps, and you know what else. Whether it’s their way to cover up “bad hair days” (if those even exist for them!) or it’s purely a style statement, we’re buying it either way.

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  6. Girl group essential: the mini dress

    Korean idols love showing off their long legs, thus the quintessential idol staple: mini dresses.

    It’s crazy how Lisa is able to make a dainty floral number look so classy and fierce all the same, as she does a metallic ruched pink mini that’s layered over a fluffy sweater. Other than genius styling, we think it’s also the confidence and attitude that makes Lisa’s looks stand out.

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  7. Funky layers

    Okay, maybe the sleeveless top over plain white tee is a style trick we’ve since 2016 but what about layering a knitted tank top over a hoodie? Only. Lisa. Can.

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  8. Military-inspired

    Camo and other details inspired by the military uniform is a staple in Lisa’s performance outfits. We think it’s just the right kind of print to wear with dance moves as bomb as hers!

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