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How To Style Sheer Outfits Like Your Favorite Celebs

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/chiefilomeno, (RIGHT) Instagram/superjanella

If you’re like me and you’ve lived in a tropical country for most of your life, you would know that you have to invest in clothes with breathable fabric so you could survive the every day heat. I’ve always been a fan of sheer fabrics because not only are they super presko, they’re also very stylish. Sometimes, people would still tease me for wearing clothes that resemble a kulambo (you know, the net that protects you from mosquitoes lol), I would still get compliments whenever I would wear pieces made out of mesh.

Sheer outfits are also your best bet when you want to start delving into the magical world of being a ~*hubadera*~. Hubadera outfits are quite daunting to style because they can be a little uncomfortable to wear, but sheer pieces make them much more bearable because they’re basically cut in the same style as your fave basic pieces, but are just made out of a different, more unique fabric.


Another misconception about sheer outfits would also be that they’re just appropriate for night outs with your friends—well, they’re not. When styled the right way, sheer pieces can be worn anytime of the day. Yes, even formal events are included.

Still not convinced to give this trend a try? Here’s how your fave celebs have styled sheer outfits:

Sheer pieces is an easy way to give your basic outfits a little extra ~oomph~. Chie Filomeno’s black tank top and ripped jeans combo is far from basic because of her sheer cropped top.

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Sheer tops are also the perfect way to show off your pretty bralettes! Take Erich Gonzales’ casual stroll-around-with-friends outfit for example.

This fabric is so versatile, that Issa Pressman was even able to incorporate it into one of her signature streetwear looks!


Give contrast to the fabric by pairing it with something in a completely different material. Blogger Renee de Guzman styled her sheer top with a leather bandage skirt.

Another way to make sure that all eyes are on you would be to pair it with a bold and daring color. Janella Salvador definitely looks red hot in this ensemble!


Sheer tops are cut just like your basic tops but are just made with a more unique fabric, which means that you can pair them with bottoms that are made out of loud prints.

But if you want to keep things dainty, there also sheer pieces that come in pastel colors. Check out this pretty top on Sofia Andres!


Aside from bralettes, you could also wear slip dresses underneath your sheer ones. Heart Evangelista looks absolutely divine in this all-white outfit.

But if you’re like Maymay Entrata and want to remain low-key (yet still pretty), try to wear pieces that are have bigger embroidery and are as long as your innerwear.


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