How To Take Perfect Shoefies Like Heart Evangelista

Step up your game.
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Heart Evangelista remains on top of our list of style idols for many reasons. Tbh, this woman can do no wrong in fashion.  

There are many things we’ve learned (and are learning) from Ms. Love Marie, and one of them is how to perfectly take shoefies to show off your favorite pairs. While we may not have a shoe collection as extensive—and expensive—as hers, we’re still taking notes on how she perfectly poses for shoe pics!

The safest way to make your shoefie A+? Stick to one color palette

See how Heart takes photos against surfaces that have the same color palettes as her shoes? Double-tap worthy, indeed! 

Play with contrasting colors—make your shoes stand out by making them the focal point of the photo

A pop of color never hurt anyone—literally one of the first ~*fashion rules*~ we learned as young girls.

Prop your feet up on a surface (or a chair) for a laid-back feel

Nothing says ~*chill*~ like putting your feet up! 

It’s all about mixing and matching different textures, too!

Whether it's against grass or carpets, experimenting with textures will make your photos look fabulous instantly. 

Not the adventurous type? Stick to one color palette instead.

Monochromatics will never go out of style!

Make things fun by taking your shoefies with friends—the more people, the better!

Remember when you used to form a star with your barkada during your gimmicks in grade school and high school? It's kind of the same idea, only ~*cooler*~.

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