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All The Adorable Costumes We've Spotted On Olivia Manzano Reyes

Get ready to gush over this little fashionista!
PHOTO: Instagram/oliviamreyes

Andi Manzano and GP Reyes are certainly raising their daughter, Olivia Manzano Reyes, to her maximum kikay potential—and we have a list of creative costumes to prove it! Check out all the cuteness you need to get you through the day below:

She's one pretty princess with this little tiara:

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How cute is she in this Finding Nemo onesie?

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She was once a unicorn for school

With a pink mane to match:

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This Christmas outfit is everything!

What a cute family pic:

We love the little placque she has on her table!

Cute and business-ready:

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The force is strong in Olivia. Just check out her BB-8 costume:

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Another personal fave is her #stormpooper mask!

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Olivia totally nailed this Princess Leia costume:

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This witch hat is way too big for her, but we're still here for it:

Check Olivia out as Fiona from the Shrek franchise

She's even got a stuffed Gingerbread man!

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Here's Olivia chillin' in her new sister's crib! In a pumpkin costume, nonetheless

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She's ready to give Godzilla a run for its money in this dinosaur onesie she wore in Tokyo!

Isn't she the cutest skunk you've ever seen?

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Olivia can be an adorable baby bug, too:

Even though Halloween is months away, we can't wait to see her next outfit!

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