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All The Cute Coordinated Outfits We Spotted On Scarlet Snow And Her Dad, Hayden Kho

Just when you thought their fam couldn't get more adorable!
PHOTO: Instagram/victoria_belo

Scarlet Snow Belo often sports matching outfits with her mom Dr. Vicki Belo—but did you know that she's got plenty of coordinated moments with her dad Hayden Kho, too? Check out all the cute outfits we spotted on them below:

ICYDK, Scarlet Snow and Hayden dressed up as Vanellope and Ralph from Wreck-It Ralph!

They look just like the movie characters, don't you think? Check out those crazy eyebrows on Hayden:

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They look adorable in pastel colors...

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...and in white, too!

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The coats they wore in Lake Kawaguchi are stylish AF:

We think Hayden's jacket totally matches Scarlet's red sweater

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Check out the Belo family "samurai look" here:

Hayden is in peak samurai sidekick mode next to his daughter:

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We love their sea captain aesthetic here, too!

Check out these matching pirate hats they wore with Dr. Vicki Belo:

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Of course, they had to wear green and red for the holidays!

Here they are in coordinated blue ensembles:

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These Bang Pineda denim jackets are way too cute! Scarlet's really her dad's mini-me, don't you think?

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