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Fun, Fearless Fashionistas Caught In College Parties

Cosmo scoped out university chicks in party fashion and found out which types of outfits guys dig!

Sometimes, it's really hard to understand what men want -- especially when it comes to clothes. They may like the short shorts you wore the other day but think that your skirt looked too skanky during the next. It's very frustrating how hard you searched from your wardrobe the perfect outfit to wear for a date or a special occasion, only to find out that your man wasn't as pleased as you wanted him to be (or happy with it at all!).

We know that this dilemma is being experienced by Cosmo chicks, whether in the working scene or still in college. This is why when Cosmo attended back-to-back parties of De La Salle students recently, one at The Venice Piazza in The Fort for the Youth Rendition 2010 event and another at Warehouse in Makati City for AdCreate's Celsius, we thought of making it the theme of our Style Paparazzi question. Spotting trendy kolehiyalas in the crowd, we asked them: "Which among your outfits has your man complimented you most on?"

Find out what YOUR guy would love to see you in, when you launch the gallery below. Pick a tip or two, and then tell us what he thought, when you comment!

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