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How To Pose Your Hands In An OOTD Pic, As Seen On BLACKPINK's Lisa

These poses will definitely up your Insta-game!
PHOTO: Instagram/lalalalisa_m

Think of what makes a perfect OOTD pic and the usual essentials come to mind—if you thought of a killer outfit (of course), trendy accessories, and maybe somewhere scenic to have your pics taken, you'll most likely come up with a cute post to up your Insta-game. But according to BLACKPINK's main dancer and second rapper, Lisa, you can easily let your pics stand out, just by using your hands! 

Here are a bunch of hand poses you can try, based on Lisa's IG:

Rest your dominant hand on your chin and let your other arm rest on your knees. Squat or sit in front of a blank wall.

This instantly draws attention to your smile! Wear cute stockings to stand out, like the pair of fishnets on Lisa below:

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If you're taking an OOTD pic inside a car, rest your hand under your chin and look away slightly.

This is perfect if you want to achieve a more ~*candid*~ lewk. Draw attention to the rest of your outfit by wearing mismatched prints, like a floral bag and a polka dot dress:

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Taking a pic outdoors? Stop to smell the flowers! 

Hold a flower or two lightly between your fingers; plus points if your boxy tee comes in a color just as cute as what you're holding!

For an ~*artsy*~ black and white shot, let your hands partially cover the camera lens.

This especially works if you're wearing gloves with interesting details:

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If you aren't wearing gloves, you can always sit on a chair, facing the opposite direction. Tilt your head towards the camera and rest your fingers lightly on your lips:

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If you're wearing heels, emphasize your added height by leaning against a wall, with your hands resting against it. 

This pose is perfect for an OOTD as cute as a floral dress paired with nude heels:

Don't be afraid to cover part of your face, as long as you showcase the rest of your outfit! Lie down on a clean surface and rest your hand on your chin, covering your mouth.

Another great pose to consider while wearing gloves! By crossing your legs slightly, you can instantly bring attention to those cute boots you just copped, too:

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Go for that ~*shy girl*~ aesthetic by covering the side of your face with the back of your hand

Wear striking accessories like a pearl necklace and hoop earrings to go with this pose:

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Flaunt that high ponytail by lightly tugging its ends with your free hand. Rest your free hand on your waist to complete the pose.

This is another great way to emphasize your accessories, by keeping your hair away from your face:

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