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How To Wear Fall/Winter 2010 Trends NOW

Now's the time to wear leather jackets, thick scarves, and knee-high boots--maybe just not all together. Get your man to match your outfits, too. Check out runway looks for ideas.

Fall/Winter trends look so good, especially on the runway, when they're layered all together on the models. But how they look is different from how they feel when you're wearing them, and it would not be practical to layer these fall/winter pieces together outside of the runway. The trick? Wear them individually, paired with items you already have in your closet: knee-high boots look great with your leggings and mini dresses, your leather jacket would work over a light top, and scarves go with just about anything, even your light maxi dresses.

Look through this gallery of fall/winter trends from popular Spanish brands that are making waves here--Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Springfield--which recently held a fashion show to showcase their latest collections. Get some ideas on how you can appropriately wear these trends this season. Read on for more tips below.

- Instead of the usual leather jackets and pants, snag a pair of leather shorts instead--in camel, preferably. Tuck in your frilly long-sleeved blouse for a chic, polished look that can take you from morn 'til night.

- It's amazing how a luxe fur coat can instantly add a ginormous amount of sophistication to an otherwise plain outfit. Since our weather isn't great for fur coats, don a fur vest instead.

- There is a distinct difference between winter scarves and light scarves which you can layer over dresses. Before purchasing, make sure you know which is which, so you know what to layer your scarves with--turtlenecks or light dresses.

- If it really isn't your heart's desire to wear knee- or thigh-high boots (it's the only thing that would keep you wearing them without complaining of the heat), opt for ankle boots instead. Pick a pair that exudes that perfect utilitarian vibe, a la Balmain, and get ready to rock your outfits like there's no tomorrow.

- Maxi-skirts might seem like they won't suit our moody weather, but they do, as long as you pair them with the right things. Go for a flowy maxi-skirt and pair it with striking corsets or tops with a flattering neckline to strike the perfect balance between being fully covered and baring just the right amount of skin.

Launch the gallery to see the key pieces mentioned in this article. Don't forget to comment on what trend you'd like to try out this cool season!

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