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Invest In Wedding-Appropriate Pearl Jewelry

Bride or not, you'll probably be in at least one wedding this June, pegged the bridal month. Be sure to accessorize your dress with classy jewelry--which you can also give as bridal gifts!

It's wedding month, and you all know what that means. It's the season when brides-to-be go gaga over white gowns and flower arrangements, table settings and guest lists. But, if you'll be sitting it out this year in the audience, it's something to be joyful about, too. Besides being spared the hectic planning of the ceremony, all you have to do is show up looking glamorous and wow the crowd with your party attire (without upstaging the bride, of course)! The simplest and easiest way to spruce up an outfit and make it look chic and fabulously unique? Accessorize!

Whether you're part of the entourage or simply a fashion-forward guest who wants to make a grand entrance, the classiest thing you can wear to a formal event is pearls. You may want to check out the new collections released by Filipino-French company Jewelmer in time for the wedding season. Jewelmer's luxury accessories are made with Palawan-grown South Sea pearl as their centerpiece. These pieces are both elegant and wearable, making them a good fashion investment to last you decades.

Pearl Collections

Jewelmer's Recordi Presiozi (Precious Memories) is a line of finely-crafted, delicate chain necklaces with quaint pendants that are inspired by the charm bracelets of little girls. If your best friend is getting hitched, this is an ideal gift to remind her of your loyalty and friendship.

The Tutti Frutti Collection is made up of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces adorned with South Sea pearls and precious gems. They are subtle enough to wear to the reception without outshining the bride, and stunning enough to attract the attention of cute guests at your table.

Also available are Effloro and Margherita collections inspired by the flowers of nature. These rings and earrings have a South Sea Pearl surrounded by precious stones in a variety of complementary colors. They are eye-catching accessories that evoke a youthfulness that will make you glow in your formalwear.

If these are too flashy for you, Jewelmer also offers a selection of classic pearl strands that can be worn from day to night. Their new clasp system allows you to connect pieces together to create a custom length for every occasion.

Choose a Collar (12"-13") or Choker length (14"-16") for a demure yet sophisticated look. If your dress has a high neckline, try a Princess (17"-19") or Opera length (28"-34"). For a more casual look, go for a Matinee length (20"-24"), but if you want to really enamor the crowd, go for a luxurious Rope length (45" and longer). You'll definitely have the whole wedding party talking about your elegant statement piece!

Pearl Care 101

If you choose to invest in pearl jewelry, or give them away as a gift, be sure you know how to care for your pieces to make them last a lifetime. Share these tips with the bride so she'll know how to make your gift last forever!

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  • For daily wear, always put your pearls on last to protect them from chemicals in your cosmetics.
  • At the end of the day, wipe them with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and oil.
  • Regularly bring them to a jeweler to have them checked or re-strung.
  • And while it's ideal to wear them often to allow contact with the natural moisture of your skin, if you do plan on storing them for a prolonged period of time, separate them from other jewelry in a secure vault with a small glass of water inside to provide moisture.

You girls are in luck, because Jewelmer is having a promo until June 15 called "Strand Sensation 2011: Perfection Multiplied," wherein certain purchases entitle you to a corresponding value in Jewelmer Gift Certificates. Take advantage of this limited offer while bridal season is still upon us!

Launch the gallery to view the four collections we mentioned above, plus photos from the "Fete de la Femme (Celebrating the Woman)" event hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdes at Salon de Ning, Manila Peninsula held recently.

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