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All The Times K-Indie Artist DEAN Looked Hot AF In Streetwear

Here are a bunch of looks proving DEAN should be on your radar!
PHOTO: Instagram/deantrbl

Trust us to not only feature hotties that trend on social media, but hotties that happen to be hella talented and stylish to boot! Introducing DEAN, who is a prime candidate for your next street style crush: He recently celebrated his 26th birthday with a Manila concert!

Here, a bunch of hot AF streetwear looks from the K-indie artist for you to swoon over:

Here's DEAN in a stylish all-black ensemble:

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He looks great in oversized clothing, too! We'd love to borrow this gray top on a date, please:

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And this jacket, too:

We love a man who looks good in a printed polo...

Oh, and he knows how to accessorize, too!

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...and in wide-leg pants:

Give us a guy who looks great in at least three layers of clothing:

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And who takes an adorable OOTD mirror selfie while he's at it!

A certified cutie can look hot AF in a basic black graphic tee:

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Or a comfy hoodie:

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Check out how hot he looks wearing a tartan jacket in this Dazed cover:

We'd date him with or without one eye exposed:

He looks good in tartan shorts and a boxy top, too!

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Speaking of patterns, doesn't he look cute and cozy in this oversized gingham polo?

This look totally screams skater boy boyfriend, and we aren't complaining:

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We stan a hottie who knows how to accessorize:

Camo is officially cool again. DEAN's look says so:

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DEAN's patterns-on-patterns OOTD killed it at this Gucci event:

DEAN's glasses are on top of his hat. This is supposed to look ridiculous, but we surprisingly dig it:

And his swoon-worthy voice in this video:

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Now that we have you interested, feel free to fangirl with us over his sexy AF track with PREP:

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