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Is It Just Me, Or Is Everyone Obsessed With Lilac And Lavender Right Now

BRB, time to go online shopping.
Lilac and Lavender Fashion Trend 2020
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/ashleyogarcia, Instagram/ellacruz

It has been a habit of mine to check my IG Explore feed to get inspiration. I like discovering what Pinoys are currently into, especially while we're all still in a pandemic. At the beginning of the quarantine period, I already assumed that I would no longer spot fashion trends because everyone would be staying at home—why dress up, right?


But, as months pass, people started going back to work and restaurants began to open their doors again for dine-in customers. Although I hate this term, I have to say the "new normal" is here.

That said, people started dressing up again, and it was a delightful surprise to find out that we're all obsessed with lavenders and lilacs right now! (Quick art lesson: Lilac and lavender are both paler versions of purple. Lilac has a pink tint, while lavender has a touch of blue.)

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The muted purple hue is all over my feed now, and my friends have been noticing it, too! To prove my ~theory~, I've chosen some OOTDs from celebs and influencers that feature the trending color. Check them out below and tell me if I'm right or right! ;)

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Bella Racelis

I want this exact top, Bella. 

Rhea Bue

Loving this monochromatic look, Rhea!

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Ashley Garcia

So obsessed with this satin slip dress and combat shoes outfit.

Rei Germar

Getting these coordinates, stat!

Special category: Lilac and lavender cardigans

Okay, the next roundup of outfits features a micro-trend that's about to go big: Lilac and lavender cardigans!

Heaven Peralejo

Her lavender cardigan gave her outfit a nice pop of color.

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Ella Cruz

Ugh, dying for this monochrome lilac look!

Ashley Yap

This cropped cardigan is too cute. Take a look at the matching baguette bag!

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Lily Collins as Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris

Okay, now I *really* need a lilac cardigan and lavender boots in my life.

Emily In Paris: Best Fashion Moments

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