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These Lingerie Pieces Are Giving Us Major 'Fifty Shades' Vibes

Sexy AF and Queen Bey-approved.
PHOTO: Liviara

Can we all agree that no one does pregnancy announcements better than Beyoncé? ICYMI, here's how she revealed to the world that she's pregnant with twins:

Her lingerie of choice was even something to write about—various media outlets reported that she's wearing Agent Provocateur’s Lorna scalloped bra and Liviara’s Dauphine ruffled panties for the epic photo.

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You know what's even better? Liviara, a Missouri-based underwear brand specializing in silks, laces, and gold hardware, isn't just Queen B-approved. It also has quite a few lingerie designs that are less soft and delicate… and more Fifty Shades of Grey-provocative.

We're talking multiple cutouts that expose your body—including your boobs:

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Lacy corsets that leave very little to the imagination (breasts out yet again):

Bondage-esque sets with all manners of straps and buckles:

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Undies that make things interesting:

And virginal white lace, if you're into that sort of thing.

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, CGs. ;)

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