Outfits Worn By Maymay Entrata That Show Off Her Beautiful Morena Skin

Flaunt that tan in lovely colors, as seen on the 'PBB' star!
PHOTO: Instagram/maymay

If you're a morena CG who wants to check out the best colors to wear to flaunt your skin tone, look no further than these outfits on Maymay Entrata, who recently slayed Arab Fashion Week! For those who still think dusky-skinned Pinays can't wear certain hues, we're here to prove you wrong.

Outfits in nude and tan will look amazing on you—almost like second skin!

Check out the stunning looks Maymay recently wore below:

Bolder colors work well too, especially if they contrast each other.

Bonus style points if you've got a hot date to match your outfit, like Edward Barber:

Dusky-skinned beauties can wear pink, ICYDK:

Red is YOUR color.

Greens and yellows let that morena glow stand out!

Try wearing a cool color with a bright detail:

Maymay's baby blue striped polo with that rose patch is simple and chic.

Don't shy away from an all-black ensemble—it'll look great with pops of color!

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Check out how Maymay's bomber jacket matches her sneaks:

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