This Woman's OOTD Backgrounds Are Just As Colorful As Her Outfits

Total eye candy!
PHOTO: Instagram/rclayton

If your Instagram feed has been looking lackluster as of late, this amazing fashion account will inject a healthy dose of life and color into it. Here's a taster of what we mean:

Even without the eye-catching murals as her backdrop, Chicago-based blogger Rosie Clayton has the kind of style any girly girl would appreciate. Flowing skirts, dainty dresses, charming accessories—Rosie puts these together in a flawless manner and we are completely smitten.

Shoot them against a candy-colored background, however, and the results are practically works of art. Needless to say, each and every single one of Rosie's posts are worth the double tap. Click "Follow" if you haven't already. ;) 

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