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POLL: Would You Say Yes To Your Guy If He Proposes With A Designer Bag Instead Of A Ring?

Because one woman did!

Are diamonds still a girl’s best friend?

In a move that’s far from conventional, one man asked for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage by offering her—nope, not the typical diamond ring—but a bespoke Hermès Birkin! This particular Prince Charming sought the help of Baghunter, a luxury handbag retailer that offers a Bag Bespoke service. The final product is a one-of-a-kind Birkin emblazoned with the couple’s names and the date he proposed, and painted with pink and red hearts.

While most Filipino men toil away in the office just to buy an engagement ring that would please their girlfriends (and their moms), the idea of proposing with unique, extravagant gifts is actually more common than we think. In Western countries, modern-day Jay Gatsbys are foregoing the usual diamond ring, especially when diamonds aren’t as desirable as they used to be. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently stated that their value has gone down by as much as 80% due to inflation. Let’s also not forget the new study that claimed Birkins are a better investment than stocks or gold.

CGs, we want to know what you think! If your boyfriend pops the question and hands you a luxury bag instead of a sparkly ring, would you be up for it?


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