The Internet Is VERY Divided On Selena Gomez's Met Gala Look

You need to see this in its full glory.
PHOTO: Getty Images

Selena Gomez arrived at the Met Gala Red Carpet wearing her go-to designer, custom Coach 1941, but the internet very quickly reacted to a totally different part of her look. People had some... thoughts about the beauty element.

Let's break this down. There's the dress, with the longggg train. It's basically see-through on the bottom, and there's plenty of ruffle detailing to go around.

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There are the glittery silver heels. Amazing.

There's the eye shadow, which is VERY gold. Very fun, very trendy.

And then there's... the tan. Some people were like "YASSS Selena looks amazing," and others were not quite so sold. The comments ranged from "She needs to fire her makeup artist" to "Stop taking tanning advice from Trump." Basically, the internet was divided. Here are more pics if you need the full context before firming up your opinion:

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This tweet seems to sum it up:

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