This Swimwear Brand Features Models With Stretch Marks

Just not for their lookbook.
PHOTO: Rheya Swim

One scroll through Rheya Swim's Instagram account is enough to send anyone down a spiral of FOMO, what with its perfectly calculated mix of gorgeous models, pastel-tinted beach locations, and IG-worthy swimsuit styles. So far, so very, very millennial.

Click on over to its shopping website, however, and you're met with a slightly different story. Because while the perfect proportions and thigh gaps are still there, the models' backsides are more relatable—they have stretch marks.

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According to, who spoke to Rheya Swim founder Chloe Madison, this was done on purpose. Chloe explained, "When we got back photos from retouching, it was shocking. I didn't really recognize my body [she and her best friend served as models]–enhanced to someone else's idealistic version of it." She then asked for all retouching to be removed.

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Interestingly enough, Chloe also said that she no longer wants to celebrate "super Photoshopped girls." She added, "I would rather purchase something I could relate to and I could see myself in as opposed to someone that doesn't even look like a real person."

Hmm. We're kind of getting a mixed message here, given how ~flawless~ the models in her promotional photos seem. What do you think, CGs? 

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