Stylish T-Shirts That Won't Empty Your Bank Account

Let's face it: Those designer tees are kinda ridiculous.

By now, you're well aware of the whole designer tee hype that's sweeping celebs and influencers all over the world, and won't have a problem understanding that those items cost a sh*tload of money.

But what about us ~normal~ people who'll probably balk at the idea of a P1,000 t-shirt, regardless of how cute it is? Easy peasy—we've rounded up a selection of graphic tees to help you get the look for less. Best part: Most of these are below P500.

Milky tee, P200, Rainbow Black

Striped tee, P299.75, GTW

Astronaut tee, P349, Blued

In Love tee, P379.75, Bench

Girl Power tee, P399, Copper

Dreamer tee, P399.75, Human

Awkward tee, P400, Tanshirts

Puppy tee, P495, Linya Linya

Princess Peach tee, P590, Uniqlo

Girl Boss tee, P649, Neon Island

Bootleg tee, P895, Cutie

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