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Stylish T-Shirts That Won't Empty Your Bank Account

Let's face it: Those designer tees are kinda ridiculous.

By now, you're well aware of the whole designer tee hype that's sweeping celebs and influencers all over the world, and won't have a problem understanding that those items cost a sh*tload of money.

But what about us ~normal~ people who'll probably balk at the idea of a P1,000 t-shirt, regardless of how cute it is? Easy peasy—we've rounded up a selection of graphic tees to help you get the look for less. Best part: Most of these are below P500.

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Milky tee, P200, Rainbow Black

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Striped tee, P299.75, GTW

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Astronaut tee, P349, Blued

In Love tee, P379.75, Bench

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Girl Power tee, P399, Copper

Dreamer tee, P399.75, Human

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Awkward tee, P400, Tanshirts

Puppy tee, P495, Linya Linya

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Princess Peach tee, P590, Uniqlo

Girl Boss tee, P649, Neon Island

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Bootleg tee, P895, Cutie

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