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There Is A Fashion Library That Lets You Borrow Clothes, Not Books

But you’d have to move to Amsterdam for it.

It’s called the LENA Fashion Library, and it might just be the coolest fashion concept we’ve come across in a while!

According to Refinery29, the library is the brainchild of Suzanne Smulders, and sisters Angela, Diana, and Elisa Jansen. The idea stemmed from the realization that most people have way too many clothes in their closets—majority of which end up barely used or, worse, thrown away to clog up landfills.

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How does it work? First, members pay a monthly fee of 19.95EUR or around P1,021, which allows them access to LENA’s 900-item archive (half of which are vintage). They can then use the points on their library cards to rent pieces, all of which have corresponding prices in points. Like a traditional library, LENA has a special software that takes note of who borrowed what item and for how long.

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Oh, and that thing about having to move to Amsterdam to join LENA? The founders are actually in the process of developing software that people elsewhere in the world can rent if they want to put up something similar to this Dutch fashion library. So who knows—we might have something like this in the Philippines soon!

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