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This 100-Carat Diamond Was Sold For $22.1 Million

What does $22.1 million even look like? Like, how many briefcases is that?

Do YOU have $22.1 million—or P970 million to spend?

Well, Sotheby’s just sold a 100.20 carat colorless diamond to an anonymous buyer during an auction in New York. The rock, which was mined in South Africa, weighed 200 carats originally before it was cut and polished. 

Small "perfect" diamonds are usually cut from a larger hunk called "rough." Diamonds are considered “flawless and colorless” if they don’t have any dark spots, cracks, or impurities—which is usually what happens when olivine, garnett, or graphite wind up in the diamonds during formation. So finding a diamond that’s flawless—and one that’s at 100 carats—is extremely rare [via LiveScience].

"The classic emerald-cut diamond's D color and internally flawless clarity are exceptionally rare at this scale. Including today’s result, only six perfect diamonds weighing over 100 carats have sold at auction in the last 25 years," Sotheby's said in a statement.

The guy (or girl) who bought the diamond refuses to be named (for obvious reasons), but we’re crossing our fingers that maybe one of our boyfriends is the buyer? Baka surprise para sa amin!

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You never know, okay?!

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