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Top 10 Summer Trends You Must Cop NOW

Wonder no more. Cosmo gives you the ultimate guide to looking fierce and fab this season. Here are the top pieces, styles, and prints to update your wardrobe with.

Our tropical climate can be quite frustrating for the discerning fashionista. One minute you're strutting your stuff in your favorite dress and heels on a warm, sunny day, and the next you're struggling to keep your skirt in place as strong winds mess up your artfully-tousled hair and rain threatens to seep into your pumps. Summer is the one season you're pretty much assured great weather for a few months (except for a few, scattered rain showers these days). The season's a blessing for us girls who hate to have the weather dictate our outfit choices.

So now you're thinking, "Now I can break out the short shorts and halter tops! I can run out the door in flip-flops again!" Stop your train of thought right there. This year, the trends are leaning toward a somewhat different direction than usual. Forget your daisy dukes and skimpy tops. This summer is less about showing skin and more about comfort, as flowy fabrics and structured silhouettes redefine summer sexiness. Sure, you can step out in a generic summer outfit--but wouldn't it be more fun if you tried out something new?

You don't have to look far (or spend much) to achieve these looks. In fact, most of them are updated versions of trends from decades past. If you don't throw out key pieces, you're good. From crop tops to wide-legged bottoms, check out our gallery of the top 10 trends and how to wear them, to make dressing for the season a breeze.

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