Va-va-voom Ladies In A Vodka Event

In a male-dominated drinking party, these chicks not only earned certificates for passing Absolut Vodka 101, they also scored high in our head-turning meter.
Manila’s party-loving denizens experienced vodka like never before through the event called “Absolut 101: A Course In Good Taste” held last Wednesday, January 13, at The Establishment in The Fort. A perfect mid-week "distraction," guests were treated to a unique sensory experience as they got a distinctive whiff of and sip the various flavors of one of the top-selling vodka brands in the world, Absolut Vodka, which is distributed here by Pernod Ricard Philippines.

Gentlemen of all ages and a sprinkling of stylish ladies gathered at the posh event place for a night of vodka appreciation. They got an educated experience of its exquisite taste and character through beverage consultant and Absolut Brand Ambassador Bjorn Olsson, who talked about Absolut’s rich history, the process of producing the fine vodka, and the brand’s unique and equally interesting marketing and ad campaigns: think city landmarks in the shape of the distinctive vodka bottle and collaborations with haute couture designers and famous artists.

After the guests sniffed and sipped six variants of Absolut, Brand Ambassador Olsson also prepared mouth-watering cocktails. Did you know that the original signature drink cosmopolitan is made with Absolut Citron?

Those who completed the course were presented with a certificate that they are now Absolut Vodka connoisseurs, and they spent the rest of the evening enjoying the free-flowing vodka concoctions with "ABSOLUT responsibility."

As Cosmo mingled with the guests, we spotted a few bold, stylish ladies sipping the potent alcoholic drink (read: 40% alcohol) alongside the men. So we asked them: What item will serve as your bold fashion statement for 2010?
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