Tricia Gosingtian Was One Of The Style Inspos For Lara Jean

We're so kilig for her!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/triciagosingtian, (RIGHT) Instagram/toalltheboysnetflix

If you're a kikay girl in your twenties, there's a pretty good chance that Tricia Gosingtian was one of your earliest style inspos. I remember stalking Tricia's lookbook like it was my job in high school, and I can definitely say that she helped shape my style to what it is today.

So, you can just imagine my kilig when I found out that she was one of the style inspos for Lara Jean, the hopeless romantic we all rooted for in To All The Boys I've Loved Before.

In a Twitter thread, To All The Boys I've Loved Before author, Jenny Han, included a photo of Tricia G in her post describing Lara Jean's style. She wrote, "It might not be what a teenaged guy would find sexy, but it’s what she feels pretty in, and for an introverted girl, it’s a way for her to express herself. Just like her bedroom."

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It didn't take long for Tricia to find the post and thank Jenny Han herself!

Saab Magalona couldn't help but tweet out words of support, too:

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Want some proof? Here is the pretty uncanny resemblance to one of Tricia's outfits:


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