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10 Guys Reveal The Best Outfits Their Significant Others Have Worn

Awww, these guys are the sweetest.

1. Her old and faded high school hoodie is my favorite. She usually wears it with her white sneakers. The first time I saw that outfit on her was last year in a bar and she got my attention. I liked this getup on her because it was simple and boyish. —Timothy Alvarez Adriano, 24, Multimedia Arts student

2. She wore a black, long-sleeved top and matching black shorts for her birthday dinner. This is my favorite outfit of hers (so far) because whenever she wears plain clothes, especially in dark-colored palettes, it accentuates her features. Her outfit or the color palette doesn’t take away the attention from her pretty face and gorgeous smile. It simply complements her. And that’s how it should always be. —Paolo Ruiz, 26, TV commercial director

3. On a random date, she was wearing a white top, skinny jeans, and white Chucks. Simple. It’s the attire I like whenever my wife goes out with me on a date. It’s more of how she handles herself that I admire, unlike someone wearing a tube top, leather pants, and heels, pero walang dating. —Koke Villaflor, 33, architect

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4. Nothing says effortless beauty like casual clothing. I like it when she wears a loose, plain white t-shirt with ripped jeans and sneakers. Dopeness! I am a big fan of streetwear, so that combination will never go out of style because not only is it an opportunity for you to combine layers, but it also says so much about how the person carries herself. Laidback is the way to go. Be it for movie dates, coffee, or normal days out, it will always exude an aura of approachability. —Cartoon Canoy, 28, DJ and music producer

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5. The most memorable outfit my girlfriend wore was her diwata costume for an indie film she starred in. I can’t forget it because it’s always been my fantasy to see my girl dress up in a fantasy character costume. Sexy kase eh! Aaron Dela Cruz, 25, model

6. She once dressed as an anime character, like in those Manga films. She wore a soldier-like costume. Wow! She looked like a Titan, haha! —David Remington Yap, 25, model

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7. I love it whenever my wife and I go out on date nights, and she makes sure she’s all made up and well-dressed for the evening. But what I love even more is when she goes basic. Once we went to the mall for a movie and she wore a good ol’ pair of worn-out denim jeans with a white shirt and sneakers. That really did it for me. Sometimes simple clothes are better. TJ Cafuir, 35, businessman

8. The most memorable outfit my girlfriend ever wore was my long-sleeved polo and shorts. Something about seeing flashes of her edges just gave me the chills. Jordan “Francoise” Castillo, Jr., 24, actor

9. I like it when girls wear hippie outfits. I also like it when they wear rugged jeans, a cropped top, or boyfriend polo with sneakers. It makes her look like the girl-next-door type—approachable, not intimidating, and one of the boys. Miguel Pacio, 31, talent manager

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10. My friend once went to work out with me. She was in her gym clothes—tight shorts and a tank top that showed off her abs, which looked amazing. I thought it looked sexy on her. It made me see her in a different light. Michael Catayas, 21, model/artist/basketball player

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