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9 Fashion Pet Peeves Y'all Should Avoid

At all costs!

1. When you make your boyfriend carry your bag.
I'm sorry, but in what continent is this okay? If you bring a bag to the mall, you should be prepared to carry it. Because that's what it is for. To carry things. A guy isn't a gentleman because he offers to bring your teeny weeny purse. If your bag were filled with 100 pounds of rock, or if your arm is broken, then fine, 
make your guy bring it. But if your bag only has lip gloss, a tampon, and Tic Tacs, carry the damn thing. It's not heavy.

2. When you wear sunglasses indoors.
May araw ba sa loob? Nasisilaw ka ba sa ilaw sa department stores? Ikaw ba si Anna Wintour?

3. When you don't wear proper swimwear at the beach or at the pool.
Okay, I get it. Not everyone is totally 100% secure with how they look sans clothing. But that shouldn't be an excuse for you to wear a tank top and shorts to the pool. Everyone has at least one body flaw they want to conceal. Everyone! The only people who I think are okay (sort of) with being buck naked at the beach are Victoria's Secret models, and they make less than 1% of the population of the world.


There are swimsuits for big boobs, big butts, big tummies, and for every little thing you want to conceal. Don't let your body insecurity dictate how you dress up for the beach. Get. Real. Swimwear.

4. When you have visible panty lines.
I don't care if you're running errands at the grocery or you're heading to the gym and won't bump into anyone you know. Your panty line should never be seen, in whatever circumstance. Seamless underwear was made for a reason. It is the best invention in fashion, so invest in them. Lots of them.

5. When you wear cycling shorts under your skirt and people see the shorts.
People should never see your shorts. Get control underwear.

6. When you wear stained clothes.
Always thinking, "Wala naman makakpansin eh" is the worst mindset ever. Can you see the coffee stain with your two eyes? Yes? In that case, change your top or run to the bathroom to wash it off. People will see the stain, because you see the stain. This isn't selective seeing.

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7. When you wear leggings as pants.
Leggings are not pants—that is a fact. They were never made as pants. They will never be pants. Stop wearing them with tiny tops. If you wear leggings, you have to wear them with a blouse that conceals your crotch. So pair your leggings with a blazer or an oversized boyfriend polo. Just never wear leggings as pants!

8. When you tuck your jeans inside boots.
You should never tuck; only cuff. Like this.

9. When you choose to walk in heels, but you can't walk in heels at all.
High heels hurt. It is a fact of life. But if you can't make stiletto-walking look easy, don't wear heels. Shoes, no matter how expensive they are, will look crazy cheap if you can't walk in them properly. Either toss them out, or try this heel hack!

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