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15 Classic Fashion Items Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet

The wardrobe foundation you need to help you create great outfits.
Classic Outfit Ideas
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You've heard this many times: Classic style will always look good and surpass trends. If you embrace this aesthetic, you'll always look polished and you won't cringe when you see your pics, even after a decade has passed. If you want to learn everything about classic style, read on for the ultimate list of closet essentials and see chic outfit ideas.

What is a classic outfit?

Before anything else, we'd like to clarify that a classic outfit doesn't mean old-fashioned or boring. It's about creating looks with pieces that will surpass trends and with clean silhouettes. The result: Polished OOTDs whatever the occasion is. Plus, you won't be embarrassed to look at your old pics because the clothes in the photograph are still wearable or fashionable, even years or decades have passed.

(TL;DR: You'll still wear the outfit regardless of the fashion era.)

What items do you need to build a classic outfit?

Here's a starter pack you'll need to build classic outfits. These items create a solid wardrobe foundation, and you can match these with trendy pieces!

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White t-shirt

A white tee is a versatile piece you can dress up or down. Pair with jeans for a weekend look or a satin midi skirt for something fancier.

White button-down top

Get an oversized or a boxy silhouette so you can use it as a lightweight jacket. Leaving a few buttons open will create a sexy, effortless vibe.

Tank top

Whether it's a spaghetti strap top, sando, or camisole, this can serve as a great innerwear item.

Classic Outfit Idea: Julia Barretto
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A well-fitted blazer

Pair a blazer with trousers, jeans, shorts, or a skirt, and you've created a polished outfit!

Denim jacket

A jean jacket is made of durable material so it will last you a long time. Plus, it's so easy to pair with any piece of clothing.

Classic Outfit Idea: Heart Evangelista

Dress in a neutral hue

Okay, LBDs are supreme, but Little White Dresses are great, too. You may also consider dresses in cream, beige, tan, and gray hues.

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Wrap dress

The wrap dress' shape cinches the waist and lengthens the silhouette, aka it looks good on any body type. Wear this with heels if you're going to an elegant event or put on sneakers if you're off to something more casual.

Classic Outfit Idea: Maggie Wilson

A-Line skirt

If you're conscious of your puson, wearing an A-line skirt will give you peace of mind. It "hides" your food baby, too!

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Trousers in a dark neutral hue

Navy, espresso brown, or black are great dark hues that will make your outfit look extra posh.

Classic Outfit Idea: Toni Sia

Jeans that fit you perfectly

A classic wardrobe won't be complete without a good pair of jeans. We recommend that you get a style that looks great on your body. (READ: How to find the best jeans for your body type.)

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Denim shorts

Aside from denim pants, you need jean shorts for lazy, laidback days!

Classic Outfit Idea: Anna Cay

Leather bag

Stash all your daily essentials in a roomy bag made of a durable material like leather. Get one in a neutral hue so it can easily match all your outfits.


For the office, wear classic pump heels to elevate your outfit.

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Classic Outfit Idea: Mari Jasmine

Ballet flats

If you want to look sophisticated but you're into comfy shoes, invest in a good pair of ballet flats.


Sneakers are versatile enough to look good with jeans, shorts, dresses, and even wedding gowns! They are also comfy so they're great everyday shoes. 

Classic Outfit Idea: Bella Racelis
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How modern classic outfit essentials?

Here's the fun part! Meet the elevated versions of classic wardrobe essentials. You don't need to buy these, but these are nice additions to your mix.


Feeling cozy? Grab a knitted cardigan!

Sheer white blouse

An upgrade of the white button-down blouse.

Black bralette

Wear this while lounging or underneath a sheer top or blazer and you've got a low-key sexy outfit. (INSPO: 15 Ultra-Chic Ways Heart Evangelista Wears A Bralette)

Modern Classic Outfit Idea: Rei Germar
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Neutral-colored bodysuit

Bodysuits are the more polished versions of your basic tank tops. They've got buttons on the crotch so the silhouette looks smoother compared to when you're tucking in a top. Invest in a black, camel, or white color. (LIST: 10 Black Bodysuits Your Closet Needs)

Black one-piece swimsuit

We swear by the versatility of black one-piece swimsuits. Aside from its original function as swimwear, you can wear this as a top, too!

Modern Classic Outfit Idea: Lovi Poe
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Probably the uniform of 2020, this loungewear item has become a wardrobe staple! You can wear it with sneakers or heels.

Modern Classic Outfit Idea: Ylona Garcia

Black leather pants

Meet the cooler sister of black trousers.

Naked sandals

The thin straps lengthen the legs, plus these make your gams and feet look super sexy!

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Modern Classic Outfit Idea: Sarah Lahbati

Mini bag

A tiny bag is nice to use on both casual and dressy occasions.

Modern Classic Outfit Idea: Elisse Joson
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