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Couple Outfits That Are Actually Cool, Not Cheesy

Take it from these stylish pairs.

Matching couple outfits are a big deal in countries like Japan and South Korea (especially South Korea), and we think it'd be interesting if Filipinos caught on. And okay, your boyfriend would definitely freak out at the idea of leaving the house in identical outfits; but if you can’t do something this silly and novel when you’re young and in love, when can you, right?

Your guy’s going to need some coaxing (and bribing—maybe hold off on the sex? We’re kidding. We think?), so you might want to have this article ready. Below, 10 couple looks that might just make him agree:

1. Come on, how can you not think this is on point?

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2. Athleisure at its finest, down to those matching Adidas Tubulars.

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3. All black is such a popular combination, he won't even realize you're twinning. *evil laugh*

4. Dirty Dancing in the fields is, we have to admit, ridic, but matching white shirts isn't.

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5. Swingy culottes for her, cuffed pants for him; denim jackets and sneakers for both.

6. This is seriously so ~*perfect*~. 

7. If streetwear isn't your thing, tailored separates may be a better option.

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8. Hey, lots of people wear these, okay!

9. This couple outfit is begging to be worn in some park. Or while strolling around UP.

10. Somehow, a puppy makes couple dressing perfectly acceptable. His and hers Supergas for the win, too!

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